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Back in Action!

Shotpiece, Nov 2, 11 2:29 PM.
Well, it's been long overdue but now i'm happy to announce that Initium Novum is back in action after a short break. After a short time of forced breaks, member loss, and shell hoppers, IN has finally come back together with a few new faces and many familiar faces and we're revving up for the next step for Initium Novum across Vana'Diel. Check back often for LS news, events, and more as IN gears back up and comes back to full swing.

P.S.) Aysu / Meiyo - If you guys happen to check back here, just letting you know we're back and miss you!! We'll be here for when you decide to return as well   ^^)b

Weeks of 2/28 - 3/13

Shotpiece, Feb 28, 11 12:43 AM.
This week, IN will only be holding one LS event due to a few members leaving for Spring Break vacations and such. On Tues, we will have our Dominion Ops and then nothing throughtout the rest of this week and the following week. Starting Mon, 3/14, we will be back to our routine unless otherwise posted. Happy adventuring everyone and have a good spring break!

Week of 2/22 - 2/27

Shotpiece, Feb 22, 11 2:44 PM.
This week, IN will be going for the Abyssea - Tahrongi zone boss Glavoid for the zone clear. Also, we'll be making our first runs at the Caturae. The first two targeted are Iratham and Sippoy. Keep progressing everyone and happy adventuring!

Week of 2/14 - 2/20

Shotpiece, Feb 13, 11 9:42 PM.
Hello again everyone. This week, IN will hold Abyssea events for the zone bosses Resheph (Abyssea-Uleguerand) and Itzpapalotl (Abyssea-Attohwa).

Edit: This weeks team 2 Nyzul Isle run will be postponed due to scheduling conflicts with a few of the team members. Check back often for the posting of when the event will be rescheduled or keep in contact with Geldin as he will be up to date on the latest developments for team 2's run. Thank you for your patience and understanding, everyone. Happy adventuring!

Week of 1/31 - 2/6

Shotpiece, Feb 1, 11 1:16 PM.
Heyo everyone. This week, IN will be focusing on CoP while doing some seal farming throughout the week for your AF3+1s. If you have any requests on zone, nm, and job seals please contact me through the forum email and I'll do the best that i can to work it into the lineup.
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